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Friday, June 17, 2011

I Can't Go That Far

This is a story which happened a few months back,
I took a train, I stopped at a station call by a name. I felt home - I stick around for some quite time. All I can say is - I had fun, I was happier, I like this place - No, I love this place.

But sometimes thunders hit, sometimes it rains and sometimes it's cold winter - Matter what, I stood by this place as long as I could, even when it rains or whatsoever; But sadly, I got my limit - When I had enough, I regrettably would just take a train and drop myself at other places - just to make myself feel a lil' bit safer, but not too far, just a safe distance, but I was wrong.

Well to tell you the truth, other places ain't as beauty as this place, ain't as decorated as this place - Being away from this place only reminds me how much I need this place, so I took a train and headed back to this place; I wish I could stay here as long as.

So that's the story of how I love.

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