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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Between me and my Business Studies

As you all know, I've never liked Business Studies - Business Management. Not even a tiny bit, a single bit, half bit. They are everything about calculations, procedures, environments, lawful acts and whatsoever, it is not versatile; They are all pretty useless to me, maybe not to someone but to me, it is. They are all common sense, they are all pretty boring. With all my heart, I hate the courses. I wasn't interested in continuing this at first, second, third and whatever number follows; But the time is up, the show must go on. I need to buckle down for one more plus year. The fifth semester is on; Better this or nothing.

But there are stories behind my studies, and this one, my IT lecturer congratulated me on Facebook Chat. This is pretty irrelevant; But this kind of thing - personal interactions like congratulating - to know that I've done a pretty good job on something that has tormented me for hundred decades - this kind of thing really keeps me going. Cheers and respect, lads!

Please Please Please, The Smiths (Part Two)

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Last time, on a topic in my blog; I talked about how my comment being the most thumbs up on a video, "The Smiths - Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want". It was a reply to two men; they were debating - a man opposing Islam, and a man defending Islam. My comment is still the top thumbs up, though. But I just wanted to share this with you guys. So here's an update - I find it quite funny though. You may say "DUH" but I'm a bit overjoyed because this rarely happen to me. Hihi.

Note that - TheStarkeysKlang is me.

You might want to check the link on YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMQbzLrvwlE&feature=related


Thursday, May 19, 2011

McDonald's and Paul The Movie

What did you have for dinner, today? Was it good? Was it Mom's?

By the way, my dinner went like this; Today, my friends and I, each one of us had two McChickens - Ridzwan, Skeper and Azzat. Thanks to Azzat for his buy-one-free-one coupon. Another bite we could die of overeat. Well, McDonald's promotions are quite intense lately. Last month it was 2 ala carte of Family Breakfast with a minimum order of 5 ringgit - We would buy a cup of Iced Milo and "viola" two Family Breakfasts for our tummy. Imagine how my friends and I went into the McDonald's, each one of us with the coupons in our hands, 5 orang equals to 10 Family Breakfasts on our table. Haha. Lantak, malu memang malu. But McChicken always has a smaller physical, so today tak malu sangatlah.


After that dinner, we went to the cinema; a movie called Paul; It is a sci-fi comedy, rude alien guy something like that, I'm not here to tell you the plot. Funny, we had a good laugh. Yeah, we kind of had a great time today, but we looked like some bunch of losergays together. Forever alone people. Sad. But to you all, good day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Football, Kelantan, Selangor and Our Pact

Hello Hi;
Do you guys still remember last week when Kelantan beaten my state club, Selangor FA by 5-1 in the Semi-final?

It was very sad indeed, it is still. Selangor should be the Giant; Beat the crap out, not shamelessly beaten, awful. My friends and I were in the stadium, sadly. We paid the RM15 ticket, entered with pride, with red and yellow stripes, we knew that Kelantan would definitely be a stronger side; But historically, Selangor didn't deserve a 5-1 defeat. We were expecting a narrow win; Hell, we left before the final whistle. Hihi. Come on, 5-1. Plus, we didn't want to get stuck in the traffic jam. Seriously.

Our Pact;

So in response of this Kelantan big win, my friends and I - Namely, Azzat and Skeper; We made a pact; Something we agreed upon, we committed to not go out and eat at any Kelantanese Restaurant for an unimaginable time of five days; Yes, takkan lepak and makan kat mana-mana kedai Kelantan untuk lima hari. HAHAHA. So, the 5th day is today; Can't wait for my first Nasi Paprik in 5 days tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Live Fast, Die Young and Leave a Good Looking Corpse

*If I make it to 27, I consider myself lucky!*

I don't think I am dying of cancer or whatever diseases, but I think I am going to die in a common fashion way- Accident, car accident to be precise.

I hardly see myself getting married before I die; Having children and all; Even graduating. So sad. I think the percentage of I'm getting hit or hit someone that can cause death is very high though.

I am so chill because, I know we cannot outrun fate, cannot run from God, God decides.

So very lately, this thing became the top news in my head - Relevantly, I had nightmares of accidents, car accidents, swimming accidents and even homicides - Semua mati punya kes. Four days straight! Yes, four days, it's like a bang after a bang after a bang and after a bang. Bosanlah; If I am really going to die young, die already lah, no need for nightmares!

The Situations Today

Life is maneuvering but pretty much the same; Nothing major happened today. But somehow, everyday I wish my life would be different from any other day before; Life is demanding I know. I need something to intercept my days, be it tomorrow or next day after tomorrow, days after; I don't care, but come on, I'm having my holiday, it should be fun. It should be the release-of-my-tensions-after-exhausting-exams; You get what I mean? I need something cheerful, that can make me shout out loud "Today is different!" And make everyone around me jeling kerek at me and think to themselves "Man, this guy is living his dream, I should ask him how did he do it!" And I would sambung with senyum bongkak, tangan silang kat dada. But no, this is not real. But yes, I need this kind of feeling!

Anyhow, I still have my feet stand up tall and straight; And in my mind -
"It's not the end of the world, things always bullshitting me, and I should care less."
Again; Back to Today.
I woke up as *early* as evening started to end. A friend called asking me to join our everyday thing; A Frisbee game. I didn't play well today; Come on, I just woke up. I am better kalau segar, can baling until langit and tangkap balik hundred times until everyone feds-up and balik because they won't get the chance to play. Hihihi. So, back to the game; that game today, it was a tired one, really. Well not really lah, but simply tired lah.

After that Frisbee, we go minum-minum and lepak, jeling at Satria Neos Club, "You guys so kayalah." - in my mind. After lepak, we decided to do something instead, So we lifelessly drove to Cyber Cafe and play this addictive game called, Call of Duty. After the game ended, lepak again - Shanmuga in Bukit Tinggi - someplace near my house; Musa was fooling the waiter, kesian. But hey, this is not a bedtime story; So that's all for my day today. It was dull, but my friends were around. Thank You me mates.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Can I wish you Teacher, will they scold me after?

*Today is not Valentine's Day.*

I was not a bad student, I know; but I wasn't a good either. I did what I must, I did my homework, coursework, folio works, good attendance and everything. But in every exams, I only managed to score atas pagar marks.

Why? - I know the answer, it's because I never knew the tactics to study, all I did, they all came up like this "Weh, esok exam, takutnyeee." but sat back, enjoyed myself. Still no study, no nothing. No book on the table, those PlayStation 1 and 2 days I remember. Haha.

So since I started my life as an University student, I really can compare the techniques and tactics that I've been using now with the kind of student I was back in school - the one that I used to be.

I'm not saying that my teachers were useless, it was me myself, I was a useless student, effective but not efficient!

So today is Hari Guru, it's a day to show your gratitude to your teachers; how you appreciate them, obviously. No need further explanation; So teachers around the world, especially in La Salle - Selamat Hari Guru!

Please Please Please, The Smiths

So, I was wandering around YouTube; Searching for a song, a mellow sound song. Been to Radiohead's Bulletproof and Cast's I'm so Lonely, yes I was that sad. Later on, I came up with - "Eh, nak dengar lagu The Smiths, Let me get what I want lah."

Then I reached there, I read through the comments. There were two men debating - a man opposing Islam, and a man defending Islam. So I was like, "This is not right." Smiths supposed to be all-peace! Then, I posted a comment siding none of them; But my god, the people of YouTube responded pretty well, look, my post is now having the most thumbs up!

*TheStarkeysKlang, that's me.

And even Personal Messages!


When you got no one to blame, blame yourself; Just don't point your finger at me, you know it is your fault. Nobody's but you, you got that?

Well you know how life can be so boring. I know you are bored as hell; You got nothing to do - sit alone and whine about it
"Oh My life is boring as hell, I can hardly live with, I can die."
You ain't productive, you are just plain nothing; A zero I must say. Why don't you just go out meet new people, have a happy face. You know the maths -

"1+1=2" and "1-1=0"

So it's either 2 or a miserable number, Zero. Go out meet new people, stop hanging yourself. Catch your ass and throw out the window. If friends don't do much, you know the drill, go out and date someone, retard. Be nice and play fairly, it is never too late. You have got to love your life.

*Well, how sad, I was talking about myself. Tsk.*

People Who Always Complain

What about them?
I don't like people who complain so much. They are annoying, my ears bleed. They are disgusting, I can puke. They are furious, my eyes cry.

What are they complaining?
About their looks; how pretty, how ugly. About their lives; About how they are living their lives, how they are keeping alive. Their money; how they spend, how they keep. About their relationships; their loved ones, their lost ones. Just about anything; well it is too much just to list them all.

You know them, sometimes you just wish them away, don't you?

Oh sorry? Yes I am complaining, uh what? My bad, bye then.