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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Football, Kelantan, Selangor and Our Pact

Hello Hi;
Do you guys still remember last week when Kelantan beaten my state club, Selangor FA by 5-1 in the Semi-final?

It was very sad indeed, it is still. Selangor should be the Giant; Beat the crap out, not shamelessly beaten, awful. My friends and I were in the stadium, sadly. We paid the RM15 ticket, entered with pride, with red and yellow stripes, we knew that Kelantan would definitely be a stronger side; But historically, Selangor didn't deserve a 5-1 defeat. We were expecting a narrow win; Hell, we left before the final whistle. Hihi. Come on, 5-1. Plus, we didn't want to get stuck in the traffic jam. Seriously.

Our Pact;

So in response of this Kelantan big win, my friends and I - Namely, Azzat and Skeper; We made a pact; Something we agreed upon, we committed to not go out and eat at any Kelantanese Restaurant for an unimaginable time of five days; Yes, takkan lepak and makan kat mana-mana kedai Kelantan untuk lima hari. HAHAHA. So, the 5th day is today; Can't wait for my first Nasi Paprik in 5 days tomorrow!

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