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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Between me and my Business Studies

As you all know, I've never liked Business Studies - Business Management. Not even a tiny bit, a single bit, half bit. They are everything about calculations, procedures, environments, lawful acts and whatsoever, it is not versatile; They are all pretty useless to me, maybe not to someone but to me, it is. They are all common sense, they are all pretty boring. With all my heart, I hate the courses. I wasn't interested in continuing this at first, second, third and whatever number follows; But the time is up, the show must go on. I need to buckle down for one more plus year. The fifth semester is on; Better this or nothing.

But there are stories behind my studies, and this one, my IT lecturer congratulated me on Facebook Chat. This is pretty irrelevant; But this kind of thing - personal interactions like congratulating - to know that I've done a pretty good job on something that has tormented me for hundred decades - this kind of thing really keeps me going. Cheers and respect, lads!

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