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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Situations Today

Life is maneuvering but pretty much the same; Nothing major happened today. But somehow, everyday I wish my life would be different from any other day before; Life is demanding I know. I need something to intercept my days, be it tomorrow or next day after tomorrow, days after; I don't care, but come on, I'm having my holiday, it should be fun. It should be the release-of-my-tensions-after-exhausting-exams; You get what I mean? I need something cheerful, that can make me shout out loud "Today is different!" And make everyone around me jeling kerek at me and think to themselves "Man, this guy is living his dream, I should ask him how did he do it!" And I would sambung with senyum bongkak, tangan silang kat dada. But no, this is not real. But yes, I need this kind of feeling!

Anyhow, I still have my feet stand up tall and straight; And in my mind -
"It's not the end of the world, things always bullshitting me, and I should care less."
Again; Back to Today.
I woke up as *early* as evening started to end. A friend called asking me to join our everyday thing; A Frisbee game. I didn't play well today; Come on, I just woke up. I am better kalau segar, can baling until langit and tangkap balik hundred times until everyone feds-up and balik because they won't get the chance to play. Hihihi. So, back to the game; that game today, it was a tired one, really. Well not really lah, but simply tired lah.

After that Frisbee, we go minum-minum and lepak, jeling at Satria Neos Club, "You guys so kayalah." - in my mind. After lepak, we decided to do something instead, So we lifelessly drove to Cyber Cafe and play this addictive game called, Call of Duty. After the game ended, lepak again - Shanmuga in Bukit Tinggi - someplace near my house; Musa was fooling the waiter, kesian. But hey, this is not a bedtime story; So that's all for my day today. It was dull, but my friends were around. Thank You me mates.

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