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Thursday, May 19, 2011

McDonald's and Paul The Movie

What did you have for dinner, today? Was it good? Was it Mom's?

By the way, my dinner went like this; Today, my friends and I, each one of us had two McChickens - Ridzwan, Skeper and Azzat. Thanks to Azzat for his buy-one-free-one coupon. Another bite we could die of overeat. Well, McDonald's promotions are quite intense lately. Last month it was 2 ala carte of Family Breakfast with a minimum order of 5 ringgit - We would buy a cup of Iced Milo and "viola" two Family Breakfasts for our tummy. Imagine how my friends and I went into the McDonald's, each one of us with the coupons in our hands, 5 orang equals to 10 Family Breakfasts on our table. Haha. Lantak, malu memang malu. But McChicken always has a smaller physical, so today tak malu sangatlah.


After that dinner, we went to the cinema; a movie called Paul; It is a sci-fi comedy, rude alien guy something like that, I'm not here to tell you the plot. Funny, we had a good laugh. Yeah, we kind of had a great time today, but we looked like some bunch of losergays together. Forever alone people. Sad. But to you all, good day!


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