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Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Speak to God

So, if you read my other posts, you know that I have gone through ups and downs - I haven't found the peace yet, but still trying. I'm not a good Muslim, I admit. However, my faith is strong, I know every religion is right - to brighten us up, only the shallows would disagree. But, with every religion that I've known - It seems like everywhere I go, Muhammad's revelations are incontestable. I mean, it is more logical and acceptable. Well not that others ain't logical, but I think they are a lil' bit incomplete - They are sketchy and unelaborated.

So anyway, it's not that I want to start a war or hurt anyone's feeling, the Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslim myself - we are all peace minded, aren't we?
So if you are hurt, I am really sorry for being such a pain in the ass.

And back to the story,
In search of god, I grabbed a book written by J. Rumi, a Persian man. His picture is on your right. I must say, I'm quite a fan of Jalaluddin Rumi's writing; I think you guys should really consider reading his writing that has aged for 800 years - For a start, simply entitled "Allah". Real sorry if the writing disappoints you, have a nice day or goodnight!

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