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Friday, July 1, 2011

That Two Halves of 2011

Hey people, how have you been? I don't want to blog much. I might as well just crapping the shit out - But all I want to say is; Today marks the half of 2011 as it is the 1st of July. The first half, it wasn't a great half, I must say; I ain't productive, most were wasted - My time especially - But yes, I'm not going to feel sad or regret about it, the roads were chosen and made by me myself. It is still a long way to go - And I shall not give up, I shall not put down my expectations, I shall not change a lot, I shall not give up. Yes I said "Give Up" twice, note that.

But what can I do with this experience of a wasted half? I'm going to make it as my "learning"; That will help me, lead me for a better life.

So, whatever it is, it was, it's gonna be, it will be, it won't be, it wouldn't be; For the other-half of this year; I hope it will be a better one than the past half. I shall always remind myself - "Everything is fine, and you are doing awesome, Zarul." I need that kind of wisdom. I think I'll stop here.

So farewell guys, I hope you will have a better half as well - God bless you, peace and love.

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