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Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Talked to Myself but never Listened

Usually there are two splitting ways directing to their very own ways at the every end of a road - Then it comes the time to decide; Which way to take, to walk, to hug, to smile, to say, to touch. My decisions were always right - But in no time, when I finally decided it, I can easily, accidentally jumped into the other side of the road; Just like nothing ever happened. In this case, I'd blame my heart - not the head. Why?

(I will start to question myself, "Oi, Zarul, why did you even walk on this pavement while you at the first place were planning not to?")

My best advice always comes from the head - My head is more rational adviser. It has a long-term or futuristic method, it knows what can and what can't bring me down.

My least best advice always comes from the heart - The heart is always think of chances and risk to take the least chances of probabilities. Though if I already picture the chances like "This looks like a 20% chance - Well hm, try je lah." See? How rational the head is, it makes the counting 20%, but the heart says it all - it says try; try out of nothing; There is where depression come.

So whatever it is, my heart, the heart, it shows what I really am, who I really am - It is me. But the head, is only the initial sparks. Head and heart are no friend.

However, the winner is not the head, not the mind. No one wins, but the loser, well you name it.


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