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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Past

Hi, hello, hey or kindly - Assalamualaikum. So today, I want to talk about... People who know me well, they know that I love writing. I've always loved poems - My favourite writer is an American poet known as Edgar Allan Poe. Well he died a few hundred years ago. But anyway, today as I don't know what to blog about; I copied and pasted my old poem that was written months ago. It is called The Past. It's a bit gayish, but hell, I have sentimental feelings.

"The Past" by Zarul Iqram

The time you asked me why I love you,
I couldn't really answer, but I told you I just do.
It was such a shame that I couldn't express my true feelings,
But I knew at that time, that I really did love you.

I should have said better.

But you always had a fuzzy mind,
Questioning every point you might.
You have to know that deep inside,
You are the most wonderful person that I've ever known.

As a friend, as a company.

You said, Fate. - Fate brought you here,
And you didn't know what lies for you in the future.-
You said all these, but I had already got a plan,
That in the future, you were the one I wanted to be with.

But time flies.

And all these are only words, words are lighter than the wind,
It got carried away and at one point, they got lost forever.

I didn't expect less.


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